Testimonials from Rachael's clients

Rachael is incredibly knowledgeable and very passionate about what she does. When you meet her she makes you feel absolutely comfortable, like an old friend, and her quiet but determined commitment to positivity and betterment of both herself and anyone around her is uplifting. I was lucky enough to receive an aromatherapy massage while she was preparing for her certification and it could not have come at a more perfect time. I was recovering from pneumonia and had weeks of constant cough under my belt. I ached everywhere and still had a terrible residual nagging dry cough that just wouldn’t let go. She and I talked for a bit about what was going on so she could focus on what I needed most, she mixed up a magical blend, and away we went. The massage itself was super relaxing, and she explained the process and oils she used in advance so I knew what to expect. I had probably the best sleep that night that I’d had in weeks, and it was funny, I messaged her the next day to tell her that, as well as let her know the cough had improved, and that’s when it clicked with us both that the cough didn’t interrupt the treatment, when during our discussion, it was still clearly an issue.
I have also signed up as a member under her with doterra, but never did I feel pressured, she patiently answered all my questions, I participated in a make and take workshop, and she let me decide in my own time what I wanted to do. It has been at least six months I believe, and she remains available to answer my questions when I need her. If I ever decided to attempt to build a team, I have no doubt she would be there as supportive as she has been. If you are looking for aromatherapy services, she’s your lady! And if you are looking at making a change and exploring using essential oils in your life, you can’t ask for a better support resource. I’m very glad I stumbled across a post of hers that day
— Cassie R.
Rachael is very passionate about doTERRA essential oils. She is knowledgeable in which oils to use for ailments as well as correct dilution ratios. Her aromatouch massages are very relaxing, make sure you have nothing scheduled after as you will be so incredibly relaxed it may be hard to speak!! I recommend Rachael to everyone and anyone who is interested in essential oils!
— Carley B.
Rachael is very passionate and educated in aromatherapy and the use of these therapeutic essential oils ! I have learned so much from her and also received and amazing aromatherapy massage that revejuvenated me and help with some muscle discomfort/soreness and detoxification!! I would recommend this type of massage to anyone it is noninvasive and very therapeutic! Thank you Rachael ❤️🙏
— Marlene C.
Rachael is extremely knowledgeable in the Essential Oil world. Her knowledge is the reason my son no longer has ear infections and was able to avoid ear tubes being put in. Rachael is an amazing person and I would highly recommend her in regards to any oil needs.
— Leanne N.
Rachael Dean is very knowledgeable and very helpful answering all my questions. I have had 2 aroma massages and look forward to more. She certainly knows her oils! Combining heavenly mixes for both invigorating and relaxing massages.
— Sharon P.
I thoroughly enjoyed my aromatherapy massage! Rachel is very knowledgeable and totally professional. I have sleep issues and slept like a baby after her massage!! She mixes her oil specially for you to your needs! It’s fantastic! Totally recommend
— Marlana L.
I was one of Rachael’s guinea pigs when she was working on her course and thoroughly enjoyed the aromatherapy massage. Rachael is very kind and friendly and I would highly recommend her
— Patti S.
I really enjoyed my aroma-massage from Rachael - especially the scalp massage part. Fantastic!!!
— Anita C.