I never recommend using your essential oils topically without diluting them first with a carrier oil.  Please use these charts as a guideline of how much your oils should be diluted and what dilution ratios you should use for various products and age groups.  If you have any questions about this chart please message me directly.

The "No dilution" vs "With FCO" chart on the right shows what happens when you apply oils "neat" on the skin.  Most of them evaporate into the air!! Using them with a carrier oil helps the oils adhere to your skin and actually penetrate into the body.  

If you have been using our oils "neat" without a carrier oil with no issues please consider changing your practice.  Sensitivities to essential oils can build up overtime - sometime Aromatherapists have reported that after 30 years they can no longer use Lavender Essential Oil for example.  I always tell people that I plan on using my essential oils for the next 50 years at least and my children who have been using them need to be able to continue to use them for the next 80+ years!  I always get results when I use them topically as outlined in the charts shown.  More is not better.  Less oils more often tends to work best!

Image presented at the Sept 2017 dōTERRA Convention, Salt Lake City, UT

Image presented at the Sept 2017 dōTERRA Convention, Salt Lake City, UT


Overall Essential Oil usage

These two charts capture my thoughts on all Complimentary Medicinal Practices.  We need to use logic and common sense in ALL that we do.  It is amazing to feel empowered and be able to help my family without having to run to the store all the time for different products.  However, if someone is REALLY sick, we go to the Doctor and seek professional advice.  I have successfully worked with our Drs on various issues and I have been lucky to find them receptive to my care plans at the appropriate times, just like I will happily take their advice and expertise when needed as well.