I love learning about Essential Oils from EVERYONE!  This page is to direct you to tons or resources for education. I fully support you learning from all sources.  

Please note, that there is a good chance you will read differing opinions on many things.  If you have questions - message me - I would love to help.  


About school of essentria!

It all started when…

Three lost aromatherapy students (Rachael Dean, Nikki Fraser and Rhonda Greenbury) found each other online in a random essential oil group, taking the same Aromatherapy Certification Course. We decided to become study partners and quickly realized what a great team we made and knew we had to continue our partnership as business partners!

As time went on, we started to brainstorm a book and quickly realized that we wanted to do more, and teaching others to become certified aromatherapists quickly became our new passion.

Essentria is a unique name created by us to represent our essence in a botanical sense. Three motivated, plant-minded individuals with a shared common interest, essence. If the three of use were constituents in essential oil, essentria would be our Latin name and would translate to Essentially Three in English. Essentia which is the Latin word for essence and tria is the Latin word for three. Latin terms are commonly used as the botanical name that identifies sub-species of plants and essential oils. It is the essence of plants that you are here to learn all about! We felt a strong connection to the word, Essentria, and feel that it represents how we have evolved over the years and how essential oils can support us; physically, mentally, and spiritually.

We are grateful you are here and welcome you to our Essentria family!


Robert tisserand - essential oil safety

Robert Tisserand is an international speaker, educator and consultant on the science and benefits of essential oils and their safe and effective application. 

Instrumental in bringing widespread professional and public recognition to aromatherapy, he wrote one of the first books to bring awareness to aromatherapy in 1977: The Art of Aromatherapy. 

He is most recently author of the second edition of Essential Oil Safety published by Elsevier, a book that sets industry standards for the safe use of essential oils, and in 2015 relaunched The Tisserand Institute, as a one of a kind online education portal for fact-based education on the potency and potential of essential oils for human well-being.


Essential OIl University - Dr. Robert Pappas

The EOU Facebook page is a place where people of any background can come to learn about essential oils, their chemistry, their production and current research including methods of detecting adulteration. EOU is committed to a maintaining a neutral environment with no-advertising of essential oil companies allowed. EOU was started by Dr. Robert S. Pappas in 1999 and is primarily an analytical testing laboratory for the essential oil industry. We use the latest in GC/MS technology including chiral GC/MS testing as well as new instrumentation for testing Optical Rotation, Refractive Index and Specific Gravity. EOU has the largest online database for essential oil chemistry in the world at www.essentialoils.org.