Thank you for the support!

A year ago I officially passed my Aromatherapy Exams and became a Certified Aromatherapist! So much has happened in the last year that continues to push me forward on this path that I am on.

Thank you to everyone who supports me on this journey. 💜 Either emotionally as I figure out how to be self-employed and a successful entrepreneur, as a friend who keeps me balance over tea ☕ or wine 🍷and to everyone who has tried and continuously uses my services, referred my services to others and keeps me going. I say THANK YOU to you all. 

A special shout out to my ever supportive hubby Jack Dowell without him I wouldn't be able to follow my dreams and be the hands on mother I never thought I wanted to be but realized I love and cherish more than all else. Love you honey! 😍😘

I currently am booking my hands on services - Aroma Massage and Reflexology on Mondays and Tuesdays and some weekend dates are coming soon. You can book those here:

I am also booking Aromatherapy Health & Wellness Consults in person or online (location is not a problem) and those can be booked here:

And most importantly I am teaching classes regularly. Public classes are posted here as well as Happy Oils Group - Aromatherapy & Essential Oil Education under events and I am always booking private classes at peoples homes as well. Book a class now for your friends and family. I would love to connect with you so pick a date!

I am so excited for all the projects I am working on and look forward to updating everyone as they unfold.

PS - please consider following my Happy Oils Group - Aromatherapy & Essential Oil Education if you aren't already!