Joyessence Study Group

Recent Graduates Rachael, Rhonda and Nikki share how they met and created their study group 


Written by:
Rachael Dean
Nikki Fraser
Rhonda Greenbury

Rachael: I initially started this course in November 2014. Well then life got in the way. . . I changed jobs, I moved cities, I changed jobs again, the life changes wouldn’t stop.  I would open my books every few months and I would read a little then I would put them away.  During this time however I was learning about essential oils from lots of other sources, dōTERRA directly, Robert Tisserand’s website and Facebook groups, Dr. Pappas’ Essential Oil University and many Safety Groups on Facebook.  Never learn from only one source – take it all in.
In November 2016, two years after I had signed up and my time was more than up (I had been granted one extension due to the move and job changes) I saw Rhonda Greenbury post in a Facebook group we are both in about how she was taking her Aromatherapist Certification course.  I decided to private message her and ask her about it. She told me that her and one other woman (Nikki Fraser) were a few weeks in and meeting weekly to stay on schedule.  Wow!  This is what I needed.  I asked to join.  They didn’t know me from a hole in the wall but they let me in.  I promised to catch up to them and not hold them back.  I messaged Joyessence, paid a fee and restarted the course.
Rhonda: I enrolled in May 2016, I was so excited!  I got my books just before Canada Post went on strike ;)   I remember flipping through the book in awe of what I was going to learn and then chemistry, the dreaded chemistry scared the wits out of me.  I would read a chapter, but never answer the quiz questions, summer came and I put everything aside until after the dōTERRA convention in September.  In October 2016, Nikki messaged me from a business group we were both a member of asking if I would be interested in starting a study group.  I was so excited to find a study buddy, that I drafted a final Game Plan of the schedule to finish, based on when we both needed to be done.
Nikki: As I signed up for the Aromatherapy Course with Joyessence, I knew I wanted to give it my all, but I also knew it would take a lot of determination and dedication to not let life pull me in the thousand other directions that would make me put the course aside and lose momentum. I was so lucky and happy to have come across two great ladies in other Facebook groups about essential oils, who had also been signed up for the course but had a hard time committing to the deadlines.
Rachael: When I joined, Rhonda had created a “Game Plan.”  When I took this simple piece of paper out of my printer I had an ah ha moment!!  THIS is what I needed.  This made me see how to get from the beginning of the books and make it to a solid plan to be writing in the exams in April.
Nikki: We decided to connect and form a team to study. We had a great Game Plan that kept us on track, we created a secret Facebook group where we can chat about the course and other essential oils topics, and we set up 1 to 2 weekly Zoom calls every week to go over that week’s chapter. We knew our team members were counting on us every week, so if we didn’t complete the work, it wasn’t about us anymore, but about them. We quizzed each other weekly, went over questions that came up while reading the chapters and always posted in the Facebook group to stay up to date.
Rhonda: Our first phone call was awkward and lots of technical issues, we were using Google Hangouts, which we eventually became better at.  Then about 5 weeks in Rachael joined our group and we started using Zoom, a much better platform for us.

Nikki: For the assignments, we cheered each other on when we weren’t sure what to do, we supported each other through the entire process and when it came time to write our exams we really dedicated our time to help each other study and feel confident in the material.
Rachael: Rhonda, Nikki and I met at least once a week from November through to April when we all took our exams.  Some weeks we couldn’t all be at the meeting.  We would tape the call and upload it to our Secret Facebook group so that the one who missed could watch it later and not miss the question reviews we would do.
Rhonda: At one point in the course, I had to hospitalize a teen I am guardian to for 6 weeks, that was so hard, I missed about half of our calls and I was falling behind in some of the assignment work, but I kept chipping away at the reading and following the plan otherwise.  Then 2 months later I lost my Pappa, so I had to make a few trips out of town which made me unavailable for calls.  But the other girls just kept going and posted the video in our private group so I could catch up or review when I had a chance.
Finally, when we had finished the course readings, I was so far behind, I hadn’t completed any of the assignments and I was struggling a little emotionally with all my family had been through.  So, when the girls started talking about exams and creating a schedule to do the exam review, that’s when a fire went off inside me and I made it happen.  The whole time they were super encouraging which really helped, I flew through the assignments with a full-time effort in about 2 weeks, then I had to basically do some catch-up paperwork on the case studies that I had been doing all along, but hadn’t recorded.   I am not sure I could have pulled through all that without the positive encouragement of a study group.
Nikki: The 3 of us started at very different times, but we were all able to complete our exams within a 3-week time span, and all thankfully passed with great grades. I truly believe finding a couple of other people who are at similar stages in the course, setting up a private group and motivating and challenging each other is the best way to stay accountable and complete the course feeling confident in the knowledge that you just learnt.
Rachael: Over the course of those six months we not only learned all the things we needed to know to pass our exams we became close friends.  We shared our personal stories as well as our business plans.  I am blessed to have these people in my life.


  1. Find some study partners.
    1. Follow Game Plan shared in Facebook Group and adapt it as needed
    2. Create a private FB Group to stay connected with your study partners (2-4 max in a group to keep it manageable)
  2. Practice Quizlet on your phone when you have spare time (while watching TV or in line at the grocery store)
  3. Make a deadline for completing the course and stick to it.  Only you can make it a priority for you.
  4. Don’t over think it, just start doing and things will come together.
  5. We all have the same 24 hours in a day what you choose to do with your time is your choice.  When we embrace that we have control over our lives, we make things happen. 
  6. Ask your fellow students questions in the Joyessence Student Facebook Group
  7. Study
  8. Write the exam

What's the worst that can happen?  You write again.   More likely you will be able to say you completed the course and are now a Certified Aromatherapist.  Mission Accomplished.



Written initially for Joyessence Summer Newsletter

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A screenshot from one of our study sessions!

A screenshot from one of our study sessions!