Corporate Wellness Bookings!

Attention Employers!

Essential Oils are quickly becoming mainstream because they work quickly and effectively without a lot of side effects and can help your employees naturally with their health concerns such as; headaches, muscle pain, digestive discomfort, stress, coughs, cold and much more.

I have over 450 hours of training as a Registered Aromatherapist and will come teach your employees one on one through scheduled consults or over a 30-45 minute Essential Oils 101 presentation.  I am fully insured and will teach them how to use essential oils safely and effectively for their physical and emotional health.

Contact me at: or 416-200-5164 to book. 

Locations: Hamilton, Stoney Creek, Binbrook, Grimsby, Burlington, Caledonia, Grimsby, Beamsville, St. Catharines and surrounding areas.  Greater Toronto Area is also available upon request.

Living Natural Health Products Naturally

Living Natural Health Products Naturally

Wellness Program Statistics

Many of you offer a Wellness Program for your employees for good reason!

"Employee wellness programs are successful in a lot of different ways. For companies, wellness programs have been shown to boast an average return on investment (ROI) of about 3:1. Outside of the direct financial gains, companies have seen reductions in employee absenteeism, staff turnover and employee stress."

"For employees, wellness programs have been associated with a whole host of health benefits. These programs can lead to a greater readiness to change exercise behaviors, increased fruit and vegetable intake, decreases in body weight, increased adoption of smoking cessation and improved mental health. For all parties involved, wellness programs are working."

"It’s not all about the corporate ROI, though! It’s about the value added to your company and your human capital. Many companies get caught up in the financial benefit and savings an employee wellness program can provide, but that’s not what matters most."

"Wellness programs are built for employees. They’re designed to help employees learn about and make healthy lifestyle choices."

Above quoted from Forbes: 8 Things You Need To Know About Employee Wellness Programs