The moment when its hours past the time I put Johnny to bed and he comes sleepily out of his room and down the stairs to tell me, “Mommy, you forgot to put the diffffuusser on.”  Oops, the oils can’t help him fall asleep tonight if they aren’t being used.

The moment when I got my Mother’s Day card from my son and it shows a picture of us watering flowers and him giving me a bottle of essential oils as he knows these two things make me happy and he likes doing them with me.

The moment when I come home from an evening out and the kids and hubby are in bed for the night.  But I walk into the kitchen and the cupboards to my essential oils are open and there are signs of searching for oils to help someone with something tonight.  I ask a sleepy hubby what they were looking for, “growing pain oil” he says.  Abby is growing again! (I swear this kid is going to be as tall or taller than I am at 5’ 11”).  "Oh’, I said, “I’m sorry. . .I had that rollerbottle with me. . . did you find what you needed?”  “Yep, we figured it out,” he said.  Awesome.  Heart filled with joy that I have given them the tools to help themselves now without me always being there. 

The moment when my daughter is crying because she has a headache and is agitated and its almost time to go to school and today is NOT the day she can stay home with me as I have a million things to do and none of them are in the house today.  I randomly and without thinking open the cupboard and pour her some children’s OTG (over the counter) pain meds which she stares at with disgust and refuses to touch.  She looks at me with big eyes like “what the are you giving me?” and I then turn around and grab my oil bag and hand her the lavender rollerbottle.  She rolls it on her forehead and back of neck and I give her a hug.

What was I thinking!?  I haven’t had to give her the OTC stuff in a few years.  When your frazzled I guess, the old habits can come back quickly.  Less than ten minutes later it’s time to head to the bus.  “Honey, how are you feeling now” I say?  “Mom, I feel better, thanks.”  Lavender to the rescue yet again and no surprise to me.

The moment when your daughter is complaining of a tummy ache as everyone in the house has the runs this week.  I grab the tummy oil and give it to her to roll on.  Abby is about to roll it on her forehead when I laugh and ask her what she’s doing. . .  She laughs and says “oh yeah! That’s where I put it yesterday for the headache. . . tummy right?”  “Yes, honey, roll it where the issue is and you will get results faster. . .” I say.

The moment when my daughter looks at me and says, “when I am older I want to be an Aromatherapist like you and help others with essential oils and teach others how to use them like you do.”

The moments when you know you are doing something right – they add up.  They reaffirm the hard and sometimes crazy choices I have made with my family that have gotten us to this place and that will continue to get us where we are headed.


Helpful Hint for everyone: make up a home stash of those top used rollerbottles for everyone to use at home so that they are available to them if the purse is not home when they are.

Helpful Hint Two:  Remember that even though I am now an Aromatherapist and I use my essential oils for all of life’s little hiccups first before I try the western approach anymore even I can easily fall into the habit of forgetting to try them first.  Keep your oils handy for your top uses and try them when the needs come up.  If you forget, don’t worry.  We all know another chance will come up.


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