Dishwasher Tabs

Last night a group of 8 of us got together for DIY night!

One of the recipes we made was Ange Peter’s Unicorn Dish Tabs.  I have since used them on three loads of dishes and everything has come out sparkly clean!!



1) Put gloves on to prevent hands from drying

2) Dry Ingredients - Mix all in a glass bowl.  We used our hands but you can use a fork or whisk if you prefer.

3) Mix Liquids (including essential oils) into a separate glass bowl and slowly add to the dry mix

4) Use hands to mix everything togetheruntil it feels like packing snow.  Yes things will feel warm, this is normal.  Add water if needed until ou get the right consistency.

5) Pack the mixture into a 2 tbsp scoop (we used ice cream scoops) and then tap onto drying sheet

6) Let dry for 24 hrs (ideally in the sun ... if you have a dehydrator you could pop them in there for a few hours)


TIP: add vinegar to your rinse aid section.

BEST ESSENTIAL OILS FOR THISPurify BlendLemongrass, or a Lemon/Rosemary combo. 

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Note: click on the links to find easy access to the ingredients.  I spent three hours and about 10 stores looking for Washing Soda and found it on Amazon in 5 seconds and it arrived at my door stop two days later.

Baking Soda: mild disinfectant, cuts grease + softens water

Washing Soda: effective grease cutter

3% Hydrogen Peroxide: This oxygen water is what your white blood cells naturally produce to fight bacteria and infections

OnGuard Cleaning ConcentrateClick Here to learn why you'll use this tons of different ways in your home. Or you can research it here:

Liquid Castile Soap alternate to the OG concentrate

doTERRA Essential Oils




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