Essential Oils from the Land Down Under: A study of Australian Therapies with Mark Webb

Weekend Conference - March 25 & 26, 2017

Hosted by the Canadian Federation of Aromatherapists

What a high, spending two full days learning with Mark Webb and meeting fellow Joyessence students, graduates and of course Julie!  It was an amazing experience I will not soon forget!My head has been spinning since Saturday morning when Mark Webb started educating us about Aromatic Therapies as practiced in Australia. With advanced training practitioners are able to help clients with medical problems on a level currently not seen here in North America.

As the world of Aromatherapy is changing the CFA invited Mark, a leader in Aromatic Medicine to teach us about differing views and types of Aromatherapy being practiced around the world.  To move forward and change we need to be educated and the first steps have been taken by our association and I am so happy I was a part of it.

Sunday we spent the day learning about all of the amazing “Essential Oils from the Land Down Under” – we got to learn about the origins of these plants, how and in some cases who is harvesting them, the chemical constituents of them and best of all we got to SMELL all of them!  Something I didn’t expect to learn about was CO2’s and how these are being used in the Aromatherapy world.  Mark runs classes just on CO2’s and they are something we should all be learning more about as well! 

Fellow Joyessence students, graduates and others – if you get a chance to learn from Mark Webb take it!!!!   He is a wealth of knowledge (that I would love to download into my head); he is captivating, an amazing story teller and so blunt and to the point I loved every minute. Keep an eye out for upcoming training! I will be shocked if he isn’t back to teach us again sooner rather than later!


Written initially for Joyessence Spring Newsletter

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Group Photo of all CFA Conference Participants taken by Sanda Grilo