Coriander - a new Happy Oil? Who knew!?

Two weeks ago I was at Joyessence Aromatherapist School taking my Body Work Aroma Massage Course.  Amazing week with 5 other ladies and our two instructors Joy and Julie.

Each day we would discuss as a group ideas on what oils we should blend for that days massages.

On day two we used a blend with Frankincense, Neroli (unfortunately dōTERRA doesn't offer this oil quite yet) and Coriander.  Smelled terrific!

At the end of the day Julie asked us how we had been feeling after two days of massages and learning how to give an Aroma Massage.  She said we should journal how the oils are affecting us throughout the week and asked if anyone had noticed anything.

After a few moments I spoke up and said - I feel like I have had a glass of wine (or two) as all my inhibitions were lowered and virtually gone today.  I was cracking jokes and laughing and giggling all afternoon.

I then said - well I've used Frankincense a million times - that hasn't affected me that way.

Neroli I had used before without this result.

Coriander! I said.  I've never used Coriander before.  This oil must be affecting me.  Julie laughed a little and smiled and said "Coriander is a happy oil."

So now I am pleased that I have a new Happy Oil!

Rachael DeanComment