Transitioning to Essential Oils - a long journey for some

For some when they are first introduced to essential oils they jump in immediately and SEE the benefits. They read the articles and learn as much as they can, buy books and learn and enjoy their new discovery. For others they can appreciate how they work and that they work but they are hesitant still.

My daughter fell into the second group.

As she was seven when I brought them home, clearly she wasn’t going to teach herself. However, she was 90% NOT on board with these essential oils that I brought home. Mostly because she dislikes the unknown and she sometimes finds scents overwhelming to her. They were new and unknown territory and she was healthy and saw no reason to use them.

When my son had a diffuser using Serenity Essential Oil blend in his room for sleep nightly, she DID NOT want one. When she was feeling sick and I wanted to try oils as it was a long weekend and I hated to take her to a walk in clinic and wait for hours – she would rather wait. When her tummy was upset and I knew Digestzen/ZenGest would help she would rather suffer than try rolling some on her tummy.

I say 90% not 100% because every once in awhile she would surprise me, even from the start and try something but even after it helped she would revert back to saying no to using oils. As I used them on myself, my husband and my son - she learned slowly about these new options to our home health care.  She slowly became comfortable with the different scents in the home.  She knew they were working as we all shared and discussed them with each other.  

I respected her throughout this process.  I would ask her if she wanted to try them but I would not force her. If I was diffusing something and she indicated that she really hated the smell I would change the oils in the diffuser or turn it off.  Not all scents are ok for all people at all times.  However, we kept using the oils both topically and with diffusers set up throughout the house.

One day about a year ago the two of us were hanging out late one night. I was getting my things ready for a class I was teaching the next day and she was actively trying to not go to bed at her normal bedtime! It was Saturday so I let her stay up and help me prepare.

This started a late night conversation about essential oils.  She started asking me lots of questions about how they worked.  Then she asked for her own carrying case filled with rollerbottles that she could use as needed.  So we got some empty roller bottles and created a few for her – Deep Blue Blend (aka Growing Pains oil), Digestzen/Zengest (aka Tummy Oil in my house), and Citrus Bliss Blend (her happy oil).

These were diluted heavily and we stored them in the upstairs bathroom out of reach of her brother and with instructions that she had to tell us what was bothering her and when she needed them and wanted to use them. She was so excited and I was too I will admit.  

Now doTERRA has their Touch Kit for their top oils and emotional aromatherapy blends to make this process so much easier!

Over the past year I have loved watching her open herself up to the natural options I brought home to use. She gravitates towards the oils when she’s tired or not feeling well as she has had success using them with one or two applications. Just the other night she was complaining of sore ears, throat and had a cough.  We grabbed the doTERRA Touch kit and applied some Lavender and Melaluca/Tee Tree around her ears, Lavender on her throat and Breathe/Easy Air on her chest. By the next morning she was feeling better.

Ultimately, everyone’s journey is different and I respect that.

If you have questions let me know!