Jaw Pain & Essential Oils

Jaw Pain

One of my early “ah ha” moments using essential oils was in August 2014.  I was in a huge life transition; we had decided to start looking for houses in Hamilton and move our family from Toronto, we knew that this would entail job changes and upheaval for our children.

I was stressed!

Ever since I was a young child when I was upset or stressed I would grind my teeth.  Unfortunately, I haven’t been able to stop this and I have gone through some periods of intense pain and discomfort.

Flash back to August 2014 and I was grinding my teeth like crazy; day and night!

I even visited the dentist a few times convinced that the pain I was experiencing had to be something more than just my teeth grinding.  But no, she redirected me back to this and told me to wear my mouth guard more regularly. . . I was and it wasn’t working. . .

I found I was popping pills day and night to help with the pain.

The oils were still very new, I had them for only a few weeks by this point.  But after a few weeks of this pain I realized perhaps I had something in my new box of oils that could help!

I did some research and decided make a rollerbottle up with 

Deep Blue® 

Soothing Blend

I started applying it every few hours and realized quite quickly that I didn’t need my other pain management options anymore.

My jaw didn’t ache and I officially fell in love with doTERRA



I already loved them for how they were helping my family but when I bought my kit I bought it for them, not for me.

This was when I realized that everyone can benefit from essential oils; myself included!

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