Cleaning with Essential Oils


I remember a time not that long ago when my daughter who was about three years old wanted to help me clean the bathroom. I recall the gut reaction being that 


 could she help me clean. The chemicals were too strong. The vapours in the air were toxic. No way was I letting my little girl be exposed to this…it didn't really occur to me at the time however that there must be a better way. If she shouldn't be exposed to these cleaning chemicals then why on earth was it ok for me?

Fast forward about 4 years later and I was introduced to essential oils. I had always thought that taking the time to read about and make your own cleaners was overwhelming. But one night in July 2014 I was invited to a class. I went and I learned that it could be easy and it could actually be fun. Not only to learn how to make these cleaners but also to include my two children in the cleaning!!

When I first started using essential oils I did not start out learning how to clean with them.

I started learning how to get my kids to sleep, help with relief from mosquito bites and other day to day things.

However, after a few months of learning how to use them with my kids and family for health purposes I stared to branch out. I remembered that evening in the bathroom when I wouldn't let my daughter help me clean.

So I went to a DIY Class and was introduced to an all purpose spray as well as simple recipes on how to dust my wood surfaces and clean my floors. 

It took seconds to make and I didn't need to worry anymore that my kids shouldn't be participating in the cleaning process. 

Of course. Trying to start new habits at a later age is a little harder! But not impossible :)

My favourite cleaning recipes

Tile floor cleaner

50% vinegar

50% HOT water

Approx 2 cups of each

15 drops of lemon oil

All Purpose Cleaner

50% vinegar

50% distilled water

20 drops OnGuard Protective Blend (or your favourite smell)


Mix into a 500 mL Spray bottle 

Where to buy labels and containers in Canada

If you want to have pretty labels to put on your cleaning products you can order the labels at:

The doTERRA blog is also full of great recipe ideas!!

DIY Glass Cleaner