Coming out of a fog

The winter months can be hard for me.  It wasn't something I was consciously aware of until a few years ago when it hit me really hard.  But looking back I think it has been a part of me for years.

If you know me at all you know that I don't stop moving and doing things.  I keep my life seriously busy and if things need to happen I will get them done.  Being slowed down by these feelings is not something I take lightly and I find it difficult to cope with at times.

For years I worked on an account with a client I loved who kept me so busy from January to the beginning of April I didn't have time to think.  Pair that with Christmas, the birth of my two beautiful children and their corresponding yearly birthdays and January - April was crazy busy.  I thrived on it and the craziness kept me going. I didn't have time to think during those months about my feelings.  By the time the weather changed my work load lightened drastically and I was able to enjoy it fully.

In October 2015 I chose to walk away from my successful sales job and start a new journey with and for my family.

With that change meant that my winter months were not the same as I had been used too.  I needed to find (and keep) my way out of the fog that had time to settle in during those months. I would feel SAD and down, lethargic and not myself.  

I am someone who craves the sun and warmth.  This year and last year essential oils have been my go too.  I diffuse them during the day and I wear many to help me when I am out and about!  My favourite is to wear diffuser necklaces like this one.


This Winter was better than others.  My family took a great trip to Florida in February to visit my mom the new yearly Snow Bird.  We all relaxed and had a great time. I roller-skated for the first time in probably 20 years and saw Abby fall in love with something I used to do for hours and hours!

Now as the weather is changing, the tulips are starting to come up again I feel the fog lift even more.  

I love my day job, I finally found a great yoga studio that is close enough to my house for me to drop in and return to my yoga practice and I am helping more and more people with essential oils and how to use them in their lives.

My go too oils this winter have been the motivate blend, invigorating blend and passion blend - all are uplifting.

Of course my amazing family are the most important at keeping my energy flowing.