One Year - What a journey!

So July marks my one year anniversary since I was introduced to and started using essential oils.  I wanted to share this with my friends and family as my goal throughout sharing this past year is to ensure that others know they have options that can go hand in hand with Western medicine.

As most of you know the last year has been quite a journey for me and my family!  When I look back over the past year things all started to fall into place when Shannon Haines invited me to a class promising me a fun night out with women and mojitos!  I knew at that time that my life was spinning and that I wanted more for my family, I wanted to have more time to spend with my kids and I wanted to have more time to spend with Jack.  I went to this class as I desperately needed a fun night out and I was introduced to these wonderful oils and I felt like a part of me clicked back into place.

When I was in high school I was constantly learning about alternative healing and was very open to everything around me.  I don't remember when things changed but I feel like when I went to University I must have decided that I needed to focus on being successful - at school, at work, as a wife and as a mother and the rest was just not something I had time to think of (little did I realize that learning new things is easier than not!).

When I attended that class I felt that all of these women were just like me with crazy lifestyles, families, partners, jobs etc and I realized that I could have more.  The oils calmed me in ways that I had forgotten how to do myself, they reminded me to breathe when needed and to slow down.  They gave me options for helping my children sleep better (John) and calm themselves (Abby).  I found pain relief for my regular aches and pains that were starting to creep up as I was getting older that didn't involve popping pills. I felt a connection back to a part of me that was missing.

Shortly after that class (within the week) I was driving home from our trailer in Niagara and decided to take the scenic route to pick up Jack in Hamilton.  I NEVER did this, I always took the highway but when I was a child my Mom would always take the scenic route to visit my Grandma on the weekends and I decided I wanted to drive that route again.  On that drive I took the time to look at my surroundings, I thought back on what it was I had really wanted out of life and what Jack and I have always wanted together.  I knew at that moment that Toronto was no longer the place for us.  I love Toronto but when I went to school there I had never intended to live there permanently.  However when I graduated I was blessed with a great job, amazing friends and Jack and I settled there happily.  But as our children were getting bigger we realized that we couldn't give them what we wanted the most - time with us.  On that drive one year ago I realized that we needed to leave Toronto to get the balance we were craving.  Needless to say when I told Jack what I was thinking he was thrilled!  He really is my soul mate; he is there for me in ways I don't even realize as they are happening.

Since then we sold our house in September, I left my job of 13+ years, started a new job, we moved to Hamilton in January, Jack started a new wonderful job right away around the corner from our new house and a few weeks ago I started a new local job closer to home (yeah no more commuting!!).

By coming to Hamilton we have been able to reconnect with old friends, we have met many new and wonderful people and we are working hard to ensure our friendships with those who live in Toronto continue as we love you all and are friends for life!

If I have met you since I started this journey or I have known you forever please keep in touch and let me know how your journey in life is going.  I love hearing from each and every one of you!

Rachael Dean

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