Reflexology Certificate

Reflexology Certificate

On this journey we call Life I am pleased to share that I have completed another level of my schooling and have finished my Reflexology Certification!!

The more I learn about natural health alternatives the more my passion is ignited to continue to learn more and continue to expand on that knowledge. Aromatherapy and Essential Oils started this journey and although it’s by far my biggest passion I absolutely love helping people through Reflexology. 

Corporate Wellness Bookings!

Attention Employers!

Essential Oils are quickly becoming mainstream because they work quickly and effectively without a lot of side effects and can help your employees naturally with their health concerns such as; headaches, muscle pain, digestive discomfort, stress, coughs, cold and much more.

I have over 450 hours of training as a Registered Aromatherapist and will come teach your employees one on one through scheduled consults or over a 30-45 minute Essential Oils 101 presentation.  I am fully insured and will teach them how to use essential oils safely and effectively for their physical and emotional health.

Contact me at: or 416-200-5164 to book. 

Currently booking for the second week of September now with a few dates left in August (dates available are: 21, 22, 24). 

Locations: Hamilton, Stoney Creek, Binbrook, Grimsby, Burlington, Caledonia and surrounding areas.  Greater Toronto Area is also available upon request.

 Living Natural Health Products Naturally

Living Natural Health Products Naturally

Wellness Program Statistics

Many of you offer a Wellness Program for your employees for good reason!

"Employee wellness programs are successful in a lot of different ways. For companies, wellness programs have been shown to boast an average return on investment (ROI) of about 3:1. Outside of the direct financial gains, companies have seen reductions in employee absenteeism, staff turnover and employee stress."

"For employees, wellness programs have been associated with a whole host of health benefits. These programs can lead to a greater readiness to change exercise behaviors, increased fruit and vegetable intake, decreases in body weight, increased adoption of smoking cessation and improved mental health. For all parties involved, wellness programs are working."

"It’s not all about the corporate ROI, though! It’s about the value added to your company and your human capital. Many companies get caught up in the financial benefit and savings an employee wellness program can provide, but that’s not what matters most."

"Wellness programs are built for employees. They’re designed to help employees learn about and make healthy lifestyle choices."

Above quoted from Forbes: 8 Things You Need To Know About Employee Wellness Programs



Joyessence Study Group

Recent Graduates Rachael, Rhonda and Nikki share how they met and created their study group 


Written by:
Rachael Dean
Nikki Fraser
Rhonda Greenbury

Rachael: I initially started this course in November 2014. Well then life got in the way. . . I changed jobs, I moved cities, I changed jobs again, the life changes wouldn’t stop.  I would open my books every few months and I would read a little then I would put them away.  During this time however I was learning about essential oils from lots of other sources, dōTERRA directly, Robert Tisserand’s website and Facebook groups, Dr. Pappas’ Essential Oil University and many Safety Groups on Facebook.  Never learn from only one source – take it all in.
In November 2016, two years after I had signed up and my time was more than up (I had been granted one extension due to the move and job changes) I saw Rhonda Greenbury post in a Facebook group we are both in about how she was taking her Aromatherapist Certification course.  I decided to private message her and ask her about it. She told me that her and one other woman (Nikki Fraser) were a few weeks in and meeting weekly to stay on schedule.  Wow!  This is what I needed.  I asked to join.  They didn’t know me from a hole in the wall but they let me in.  I promised to catch up to them and not hold them back.  I messaged Joyessence, paid a fee and restarted the course.
Rhonda: I enrolled in May 2016, I was so excited!  I got my books just before Canada Post went on strike ;)   I remember flipping through the book in awe of what I was going to learn and then chemistry, the dreaded chemistry scared the wits out of me.  I would read a chapter, but never answer the quiz questions, summer came and I put everything aside until after the dōTERRA convention in September.  In October 2016, Nikki messaged me from a business group we were both a member of asking if I would be interested in starting a study group.  I was so excited to find a study buddy, that I drafted a final Game Plan of the schedule to finish, based on when we both needed to be done.
Nikki: As I signed up for the Aromatherapy Course with Joyessence, I knew I wanted to give it my all, but I also knew it would take a lot of determination and dedication to not let life pull me in the thousand other directions that would make me put the course aside and lose momentum. I was so lucky and happy to have come across two great ladies in other Facebook groups about essential oils, who had also been signed up for the course but had a hard time committing to the deadlines.
Rachael: When I joined, Rhonda had created a “Game Plan.”  When I took this simple piece of paper out of my printer I had an ah ha moment!!  THIS is what I needed.  This made me see how to get from the beginning of the books and make it to a solid plan to be writing in the exams in April.
Nikki: We decided to connect and form a team to study. We had a great Game Plan that kept us on track, we created a secret Facebook group where we can chat about the course and other essential oils topics, and we set up 1 to 2 weekly Zoom calls every week to go over that week’s chapter. We knew our team members were counting on us every week, so if we didn’t complete the work, it wasn’t about us anymore, but about them. We quizzed each other weekly, went over questions that came up while reading the chapters and always posted in the Facebook group to stay up to date.
Rhonda: Our first phone call was awkward and lots of technical issues, we were using Google Hangouts, which we eventually became better at.  Then about 5 weeks in Rachael joined our group and we started using Zoom, a much better platform for us.

Nikki: For the assignments, we cheered each other on when we weren’t sure what to do, we supported each other through the entire process and when it came time to write our exams we really dedicated our time to help each other study and feel confident in the material.
Rachael: Rhonda, Nikki and I met at least once a week from November through to April when we all took our exams.  Some weeks we couldn’t at a meeting.  We would tape the call and upload it to our Secret Facebook group so that the one who missed could watch it later and not miss the question reviews we would do.
Rhonda: At one point in the course, I had to hospitalize a teen I am guardian to for 6 weeks, that was so hard, I missed about half of our calls and I was falling behind in some of the assignment work, but I kept chipping away at the reading and following the plan otherwise.  Then 2 months later I lost my Pappa, so I had to make a few trips out of town which made me unavailable for calls.  But the other girls just kept going and posted the video in our private group so I could catch up or review when I had a chance.
Finally, when we had finished the course readings, I was so far behind, I hadn’t completed any of the assignments and I was struggling a little emotionally with all my family had been through.  So, when the girls started talking about exams and creating a schedule to do the exam review, that’s when a fire went off inside me and I made it happen.  The whole time they were super encouraging which really helped, I flew through the assignments with a full-time effort in about 2 weeks, then I had to basically do some catch-up paperwork on the case studies that I had been doing all along, but hadn’t recorded.   I am not sure I could have pulled through all that without the positive encouragement of a study group.
Nikki: The 3 of us started at very different times, but we were all able to complete our exams within a 3-week time span, and all thankfully passed with great grades. I truly believe finding a couple of other people who are at similar stages in the course, setting up a private group and motivating and challenging each other is the best way to stay accountable and complete the course feeling confident in the knowledge that you just learnt.
Rachael: Over the course of those six months we not only learned all the things we needed to know to pass our exams we became close friends.  We shared our personal stories as well as our business plans.  I am blessed to have these people in my life.


  1. Find some study partners.
    1. Follow Game Plan shared in Facebook Group and adapt it as needed
    2. Create a private FB Group to stay connected with your study partners (2-4 max in a group to keep it manageable)
  2. Practice Quizlet on your phone when you have spare time (while watching TV or in line at the grocery store)
  3. Make a deadline for completing the course and stick to it.  Only you can make it a priority for you.
  4. Don’t over think it, just start doing and things will come together.
  5. We all have the same 24 hours in a day what you choose to do with your time is your choice.  When we embrace that we have control over our lives, we make things happen. 
  6. Ask your fellow students questions in the Joyessence Student Facebook Group
  7. Study
  8. Write the exam

What's the worst that can happen?  You write again.   More likely you will be able to say you completed the course and are now a Certified Aromatherapist.  Mission Accomplished.



Written initially for Joyessence Summer Newsletter

Click on the link to learn more about the school please contact Joyessence Aromatherapy Centre

 A screenshot from one of our study sessions!

A screenshot from one of our study sessions!


The moment when its hours past the time I put Johnny to bed and he comes sleepily out of his room and down the stairs to tell me, “Mommy, you forgot to put the diffffuusser on.”  Oops, the oils can’t help him fall asleep tonight if they aren’t being used.

The moment when I got my Mother’s Day card from my son and it shows a picture of us watering flowers and him giving me a bottle of essential oils as he knows these two things make me happy and he likes doing them with me.

The moment when I come home from an evening out and the kids and hubby are in bed for the night.  But I walk into the kitchen and the cupboards to my essential oils are open and there are signs of searching for oils to help someone with something tonight.  I ask a sleepy hubby what they were looking for, “growing pain oil” he says.  Abby is growing again! (I swear this kid is going to be as tall or taller than I am at 5’ 11”).  "Oh’, I said, “I’m sorry. . .I had that rollerbottle with me. . . did you find what you needed?”  “Yep, we figured it out,” he said.  Awesome.  Heart filled with joy that I have given them the tools to help themselves now without me always being there. 

The moment when my daughter is crying because she has a headache and is agitated and its almost time to go to school and today is NOT the day she can stay home with me as I have a million things to do and none of them are in the house today.  I randomly and without thinking open the cupboard and pour her some children’s OTG (over the counter) pain meds which she stares at with disgust and refuses to touch.  She looks at me with big eyes like “what the are you giving me?” and I then turn around and grab my oil bag and hand her the lavender rollerbottle.  She rolls it on her forehead and back of neck and I give her a hug.

What was I thinking!?  I haven’t had to give her the OTC stuff in a few years.  When your frazzled I guess, the old habits can come back quickly.  Less than ten minutes later it’s time to head to the bus.  “Honey, how are you feeling now” I say?  “Mom, I feel better, thanks.”  Lavender to the rescue yet again and no surprise to me.

The moment when your daughter is complaining of a tummy ache as everyone in the house has the runs this week.  I grab the tummy oil and give it to her to roll on.  Abby is about to roll it on her forehead when I laugh and ask her what she’s doing. . .  She laughs and says “oh yeah! That’s where I put it yesterday for the headache. . . tummy right?”  “Yes, honey, roll it where the issue is and you will get results faster. . .” I say.

The moment when my daughter looks at me and says, “when I am older I want to be an Aromatherapist like you and help others with essential oils and teach others how to use them like you do.”

The moments when you know you are doing something right – they add up.  They reaffirm the hard and sometimes crazy choices I have made with my family that have gotten us to this place and that will continue to get us where we are headed.


Helpful Hint for everyone: make up a home stash of those top used rollerbottles for everyone to use at home so that they are available to them if the purse is not home when they are.

Helpful Hint Two:  Remember that even though I am now an Aromatherapist and I use my essential oils for all of life’s little hiccups first before I try the western approach anymore even I can easily fall into the habit of forgetting to try them first.  Keep your oils handy for your top uses and try them when the needs come up.  If you forget, don’t worry.  We all know another chance will come up.


If you have questions about how to use Essential Oils safely and effectively please contact me.

If you are ready to purchase essential oils you can do so at this link.



Dishwasher Tabs

Last night a group of 8 of us got together for DIY night!

One of the recipes we made was Ange Peter’s Unicorn Dish Tabs.  I have since used them on three loads of dishes and everything has come out sparkly clean!!



1) Put gloves on to prevent hands from drying

2) Dry Ingredients - Mix all in a glass bowl.  We used our hands but you can use a fork or whisk if you prefer.

3) Mix Liquids (including essential oils) into a separate glass bowl and slowly add to the dry mix

4) Use hands to mix everything togetheruntil it feels like packing snow.  Yes things will feel warm, this is normal.  Add water if needed until ou get the right consistency.

5) Pack the mixture into a 2 tbsp scoop (we used ice cream scoops) and then tap onto drying sheet

6) Let dry for 24 hrs (ideally in the sun ... if you have a dehydrator you could pop them in there for a few hours)


TIP: add vinegar to your rinse aid section.

BEST ESSENTIAL OILS FOR THISPurify BlendLemongrass, or a Lemon/Rosemary combo. 

Don't pay full retail price - click here for 25% off all doTERRA for a full year



Note: click on the links to find easy access to the ingredients.  I spent three hours and about 10 stores looking for Washing Soda and found it on Amazon in 5 seconds and it arrived at my door stop two days later.

Baking Soda: mild disinfectant, cuts grease + softens water

Washing Soda: effective grease cutter

3% Hydrogen Peroxide: This oxygen water is what your white blood cells naturally produce to fight bacteria and infections

OnGuard Cleaning ConcentrateClick Here to learn why you'll use this tons of different ways in your home. Or you can research it here:

Liquid Castile Soap alternate to the OG concentrate

doTERRA Essential Oils




I am a Certified Aromatherapy Health Professional!

This has been almost three years in the making but I am officially a Certified Aromatherapy Health Professional (CAHP)!!  I passed my written exams with Joyessence Aromatherapy School on Friday April 28, 2017 and I passed my Bodywork exam at Joyessence on Wednesday May 3, 2017.

Such a rush!!!  So satisfying to complete something that I started so long ago and push forward on my journey.

I have been studying essential oils for years to understand how they work in the body to aide us, learning their chemical properties, learning the science and the heart behind essential oils. I knew immediately that they worked but needed to dive deeper to understand how and why. 

When I was first introduced to essential oils in July 2014 I had no idea what a life changing event going to that class would be. I thought I was going for a girls night and mojitos but left with a new outlook on life. 

These oils have healed me emotionally and physically. 

I walked away from a stressful job in Toronto that I had loved for a long time with all my heart because I needed more time with my family (it's truly amazing how kids change you). We moved to Hamilton and started fresh. Lots of things change when you find your life path and I am happy I have Jack by my side supporting me on this journey and walking with me. It's not always easy but it feels right. 

I came home from the body work exam and created my treatment room where I can offer Aroma Massage and AromaTouch to my clients in the coming days!

Thank you to everyone who has supported me and encouraged me to follow my dreams and push forward and go back to school so I can continue on my path of helping people!!!

Essential Oils from the Land Down Under: A study of Australian Therapies with Mark Webb

Weekend Conference - March 25 & 26, 2017

Hosted by the Canadian Federation of Aromatherapists

What a high, spending two full days learning with Mark Webb and meeting fellow Joyessence students, graduates and of course Julie!  It was an amazing experience I will not soon forget!My head has been spinning since Saturday morning when Mark Webb started educating us about Aromatic Therapies as practiced in Australia. With advanced training practitioners are able to help clients with medical problems on a level currently not seen here in North America.

As the world of Aromatherapy is changing the CFA invited Mark, a leader in Aromatic Medicine to teach us about differing views and types of Aromatherapy being practiced around the world.  To move forward and change we need to be educated and the first steps have been taken by our association and I am so happy I was a part of it.

Sunday we spent the day learning about all of the amazing “Essential Oils from the Land Down Under” – we got to learn about the origins of these plants, how and in some cases who is harvesting them, the chemical constituents of them and best of all we got to SMELL all of them!  Something I didn’t expect to learn about was CO2’s and how these are being used in the Aromatherapy world.  Mark runs classes just on CO2’s and they are something we should all be learning more about as well! 

Fellow Joyessence students, graduates and others – if you get a chance to learn from Mark Webb take it!!!!   He is a wealth of knowledge (that I would love to download into my head); he is captivating, an amazing story teller and so blunt and to the point I loved every minute. Keep an eye out for upcoming training! I will be shocked if he isn’t back to teach us again sooner rather than later!


Written initially for Joyessence Spring Newsletter

Click on the link to learn more about the Canadian Federation of Aromatherapists

Group Photo of all CFA Conference Participants taken by Sanda Grilo

Coriander - a new Happy Oil? Who knew!?

Two weeks ago I was at Joyessence Aromatherapist School taking my Body Work Aroma Massage Course.  Amazing week with 5 other ladies and our two instructors Joy and Julie.

Each day we would discuss as a group ideas on what oils we should blend for that days massages.

On day two we used a blend with Frankincense, Neroli (unfortunately dōTERRA doesn't offer this oil quite yet) and Coriander.  Smelled terrific!

At the end of the day Julie asked us how we had been feeling after two days of massages and learning how to give an Aroma Massage.  She said we should journal how the oils are affecting us throughout the week and asked if anyone had noticed anything.

After a few moments I spoke up and said - I feel like I have had a glass of wine (or two) as all my inhibitions were lowered and virtually gone today.  I was cracking jokes and laughing and giggling all afternoon.

I then said - well I've used Frankincense a million times - that hasn't affected me that way.

Neroli I had used before without this result.

Coriander! I said.  I've never used Coriander before.  This oil must be affecting me.  Julie laughed a little and smiled and said "Coriander is a happy oil."

So now I am pleased that I have a new Happy Oil!

A bit about my mental health journey

Today is Bell Let’s Talk Day

How I feel most days now.  Happy!

The one day a year when everyone starts openly talking about mental health.

Why? Because it is stigmatized to be something bad. But many of us deal with depression at some point in our lives.

Talking about it helps.

Almost six years ago I had my youngest of my two children.

It was a very happy time, we planned for him and were blessed with him with no issues getting pregnant or throughout the pregnancy.

With my daughter who is almost 10, the same thing. 

My son had a rough first year compared to many babies.

He was born in the 25% percentile (lower than my daughter but he was early so no surprise).

I was determined to breast feed him exclusively as I knew more the second time around (My daughter had both for the first 5 months but I wanted to do better as I knew what my issues were with her and they were workable this time around - little did I realize the issues I was going to have were so much different)

I got the pump

I went to breastfeeding clinics and specialists

We were at the Doctor's at least 3 times a week for months

He was throwing everything up

He had to sleep elevated

I slept beside him to be close in case

something happened

He was on medication for reflux

I felt like my body was failing me - it was like he was allergic to me

He wasn't growing enough (He dropped off the growth chart)

Finally, I was told to go cold turkey and put him on the bottle.

It was devastating

That precious connection was severed abruptly

I failed

But I didn't really

I fed him

He grew

He stopped throwing up

But severing that bond cold turkey because your son was “starving” and knowing you were to blame (I wasn’t as he ate and was fed he just didn’t keep it down).

It messed with my mind a little.

I remember sobbing as I was feeding him a bottle and feeling like a failure.

I remember feeling like my body had failed me too.

Even though it grew two beautiful children it felt like it failed me. . .

Fast forward about a month.

My son wakes for his regular midnight feeding.

He is growing well by this time and looks quite healthy.

But he’s a little warm, a little fussy, a little “off.”

I give him some baby Tylenol as that was all I had available at the time and come morning we go to see the Pediatrician.

We get there, no fever at this point but she just doesn’t quite think he looks right and asks me to take him down to the Emergency at North York Hospital.

I grab my mom and we go.

At triage the nurse pokes at his skin and asks if the mottling is normal.

I say no.

She says she needs someone to fill out paperwork and someone to join the baby with them to be examined.

Grandma goes with John; I go do the paperwork. . . Nurse comes back 2 mins later and tells me to follow her – paperwork can wait.

I get into the back room and there are about 4 nurses and numerous Doctors all working on John.

John is screaming at this point. They can’t get an IV into him as his veins are not working.

One nurse says she used to work at a Pediatric wing for NICU babies and they put the IV in the head and he had one large one that was visible because he was crying.

She asks permission of the Dr. to do this (clearly this is NOT the normal procedure).

The Doctor asks her if she is sure and gives her permission.

At this point we know that John’s fever is high and they say his body is starting to fail. . .

At this point no one knows what causing the fever but the battery of tests start. I don’t remember them all but I remember the spinal tap and the EKG on my little baby boy.

As they are ordering these tests I call Jack and tell him to get to the hospital as soon as possible as no one knew what was happening and I didn’t know if John would make it.

I stood calming watching this all happen and trying to stay out of everyone’s way.

I remember a nurse coming to check on him later once he was stabilized and we were in our own room and thanking me for staying calm.

I just looked at her and said I never wanted to be considered a distraction.

You all needed to focus on him.

If I distracted them and something happened. . .

It took a while but they ended up determining that this was a urinary tract infection.

He was hospitalized for at least three days in quarantine to make sure it wasn’t anything else.

It was a scary time.

It turned out he had Urinary Reflux.

This turned into many more hospital visits and tests over the coming months to make sure he was ok.

He was hospitalized again for a few days around six months with yet another urinary tract infection.

We were at clinics, Doctor's offices, Numerous Hospitals over that first year.

Once the reflux seemed to get under control the “Strep Throat” time period started and reoccurred again and again and again (approx. 8 times before he was 2).

Every long weekend he was sick that first year and a half to two years.

We went on a cruise when he was about 18 months old and he got a wicked fever shortly after we set sail.

We were out at sea and the Doctor's in the Cruise ships hospitals were doing what they could for him to bring the fever down.

We were discussing the need to have him airlifted off the ship as the next port wasn’t for days.

Turns out he got Scarlet Fever – while we were in the middle of nowhere. . . another scary time.

Fast forward a little bit more and John has outgrown his reflux, had his tonsil removed and he is now a VERY healthy boy.

However, during that time I felt powerless.

I was scared my baby boy was going to die more than once.

I was asked to return to work after 4 months’ part time.

I did it because I needed the money and I needed the distraction.

Don’t get me wrong – I was home 90% of the time but I worked as well.

I built walls

I built walls to protect myself from the emotions I was feeling

Really high walls around my heart to protect me from t

he emotions I didn’t want to feel

That worked for a while. . .

When it stopped, was when my thoughts on how my career was going started to change.

I was working all these hours to be successful, make money to pay the bills, pay for daycare etc.

I was connected all the time.

I was well compensated for this – don’t get me wrong.

I was selling about $5 million in Print Sales a year and doing well.

But. . . the work atmosphere was becoming toxic.

It was no longer a happy place to go each day.

I started working from home because I didn’t/couldn’t go into the office and face the negativity that was breeding there.

I was taking my kids to daycare at 8am and picking them up at 6pm and they were in bed by 8pm.

I didn’t get any time with them.

Abby was having her own issues at this time (that is a different story).

But it was all hitting me about how powerless you are as a parent and how things needed to change but I had no idea how.

I sunk into a bad depression mid 2013 and was medicated for it by early 2014.

I still functioned through this but the timeframe is blurry to me.

I don’t recall parts very clearly anymore as they just aren’t worth remembering.

I do remember calling into work sick one day and sitting in the chair staring into nothingness as I couldn’t function that day.

The only thing that got me moving was because I knew I had a Doctor's appointment scheduled and I wanted to see him to tell him the medication had stopped working. . .

I was then referred to a Psychiatrist and worked with her for over a year to talk things out and she adjusted my medication over time to something much more manageable.

We realized in those conversations that I most likely had been dealing with Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD) for years and years over the winter months.


as that was my busy time of year at work I made it through while the work was my passion.

Since the work had changed and adding into it all that had been going on I had crashed that year.

I spent months re-evaluating my life and what I wanted out of it.

Through all of this I have had the unwavering and completely loving support of my amazing husband Jack.  He is my soul mate.

I was introduced to Essential Oils in July of 2014.  Yes my mental health journey does make me talk about essential oils. . .

I immediately found they made me feel better and gave me a pick me up.  The community of people I was introduced too were positive and happy and this showed me what I wanted back in my life again.

Overtime and under Doctor's care I was able to lower my medication as I made lifestyle changes (more exercise, sun etc) that helped as well as talking about the issues I had bottled up.

I am no longer on the medication but am very thankful for having it when I needed them.

Citrus Bliss became my Happy Oil.  I wear it in a diffuser necklace around my neck daily for a pick me up!

I quit the job, we moved cities and have rebuilt a great life.

I am studying to be an Aromatherapist as I want to help others find some light in their dark places.

The effects of Essential Oils on emotions is very real and they can help.

They can complement other treatments.

People who knew me then and see me now keep telling me I am a different person.  That I glow in a way I didn't then.  This makes me happy because I found my way out and have tools to help when the days are long and gloomy.

There is always more to the story than what I have shared here today.

But this is a part of it.

If you made it this far - thanks 

John just after he started growing. . .his face is a little bony. . .

John just after his fever broke on the cruise - you can see the rash on his face from the Scarlet Fever

How we are now

A very close family who spends a lot of time together

and I get to watch them grow and I am present in their lives completely

Transitioning to Essential Oils - a long journey for some

For some when they are first introduced to essential oils they jump in immediately and SEE the benefits.

They read the articles and learn as much as they can, buy books and learn and enjoy their new discovery.

For others they can appreciate how they work and


they work but they are hesitant still.

My daughter fell into the second group.

As she was seven when I brought them home, clearly she wasn’t going to teach herself.


However, she was 90% NOT on board with these essential oils that I brought home.

Mostly because she dislikes the unknown and she sometimes finds scents overwhelming to her.

They were new and unknown territory and she was healthy and saw no reason to use them.

When my son had a diffuser using Serenity Essential Oil blend in his room for sleep nightly, she DID NOT want one.

When she was feeling sick and I wanted to try oils as it was a long weekend and I hated to take her to a walk in clinic and wait for hours – she would rather wait.

When her tummy was upset and I knew Digestzen/ZenGest would help she would rather suffer than try rolling some on her tummy.

I say 90% not 100% because every once in awhile she would surprise me, even from the start and try something but even after it helped she would revert back to saying no to using oils.

As I used them on myself, my husband and my son - she learned slowly about these new options to our home health care.

She slowly became comfortable with the different scents in the home.

She knew they were working as we all shared and discussed them with each other.

I respected her throughout this process.

I would ask her if she wanted to try them but I would not force her. If I was diffusing something and she indicated that she really hated the smell I would change the oils in the diffuser or turn it off.

Not all scents are ok for all people at all times.

However, we kept using the oils both topically and with diffusers set up throughout the house.

One day about a year ago the two of us were hanging out late one night.

I was getting my things ready for a class I was teaching the next day and she was actively trying to


go to bed at her normal bedtime! It was Saturday so I let her stay up and help me prepare.

This started a late night conversation about essential oils.

She started asking me lots of questions about how they worked.

Then she asked for her own carrying case filled with rollerbottles that she could use as needed.

So we got some empty roller bottles and created a few for her – Deep Blue Blend (aka Growing Pains oil), Digestzen/Zengest (aka Tummy Oil in my house), and Citrus Bliss Blend (her happy oil).

These were diluted heavily and we stored them in the upstairs bathroom out of reach of her brother and with instructions that she had to tell us what was bothering her and when she needed them and wanted to use them.

She was so excited and I was too I will admit.  

Now doTERRA has their Touch Kit for their top oils and emotional aromatherapy blends to make this process so much easier!

Over the past year I have loved watching her open herself up to the natural options I brought home to use.

She gravitates towards the oils when she’s tired or not feeling well as she has had success using them with one or two applications.

Just the other night she was complaining of sore ears, throat and had a cough.

We grabbed the doTERRA Touch kit and applied some Lavender and Melaluca/Tee Tree around her ears, Lavender on her throat and Breathe/Easy Air on her chest. By the next morning she was feeling better.

Ultimately, everyone’s journey is different and I respect that.

If you have questions let me know!

Jaw Pain & Essential Oils

Jaw Pain

One of my early “ah ha” moments using essential oils was in August 2014.  I was in a huge life transition; we had decided to start looking for houses in Hamilton and move our family from Toronto, we knew that this would entail job changes and upheaval for our children.

I was stressed!

Ever since I was a young child when I was upset or stressed I would grind my teeth.  Unfortunately, I haven’t been able to stop this and I have gone through some periods of intense pain and discomfort.

Flash back to August 2014 and I was grinding my teeth like crazy; day and night!

I even visited the dentist a few times convinced that the pain I was experiencing had to be something more than just my teeth grinding.  But no, she redirected me back to this and told me to wear my mouth guard more regularly. . . I was and it wasn’t working. . .

I found I was popping pills day and night to help with the pain.

The oils were still very new, I had them for only a few weeks by this point.  But after a few weeks of this pain I realized perhaps I had something in my new box of oils that could help!

I did some research and decided make a rollerbottle up with 

Deep Blue® 

Soothing Blend

I started applying it every few hours and realized quite quickly that I didn’t need my other pain management options anymore.

My jaw didn’t ache and I officially fell in love with doTERRA



I already loved them for how they were helping my family but when I bought my kit I bought it for them, not for me.

This was when I realized that everyone can benefit from essential oils; myself included!

To learn more about this oil please visit:

To purchase this oil please contact me at: 

email: or 


Cleaning with Essential Oils


I remember a time not that long ago when my daughter who was about three years old wanted to help me clean the bathroom. I recall the gut reaction being that 


 could she help me clean. The chemicals were too strong. The vapours in the air were toxic. No way was I letting my little girl be exposed to this…it didn't really occur to me at the time however that there must be a better way. If she shouldn't be exposed to these cleaning chemicals then why on earth was it ok for me?

Fast forward about 4 years later and I was introduced to essential oils. I had always thought that taking the time to read about and make your own cleaners was overwhelming. But one night in July 2014 I was invited to a class. I went and I learned that it could be easy and it could actually be fun. Not only to learn how to make these cleaners but also to include my two children in the cleaning!!

When I first started using essential oils I did not start out learning how to clean with them.

I started learning how to get my kids to sleep, help with relief from mosquito bites and other day to day things.

However, after a few months of learning how to use them with my kids and family for health purposes I stared to branch out. I remembered that evening in the bathroom when I wouldn't let my daughter help me clean.

So I went to a DIY Class and was introduced to an all purpose spray as well as simple recipes on how to dust my wood surfaces and clean my floors. 

It took seconds to make and I didn't need to worry anymore that my kids shouldn't be participating in the cleaning process. 

Of course. Trying to start new habits at a later age is a little harder! But not impossible :)

My favourite cleaning recipes

Tile floor cleaner

50% vinegar

50% HOT water

Approx 2 cups of each

15 drops of lemon oil

All Purpose Cleaner

50% vinegar

50% distilled water

20 drops OnGuard Protective Blend (or your favourite smell)


Mix into a 500 mL Spray bottle 

Where to buy labels and containers in Canada

If you want to have pretty labels to put on your cleaning products you can order the labels at:

The doTERRA blog is also full of great recipe ideas!!

DIY Glass Cleaner

Aroma Yoga

Using your essential oils during your yoga practice is a great way to help find balance and to tune out the rest of the world.

Recently at we met with 7 ladies who wanted to learn more about essential oils and how to incorporate them into their practice. 

Oils we used during practice

Grounding Blend

Wild Orange

Protective Blend

Focus Blend


Calming Blend

During class we diffused:


Wild Orange


💜Goodie Bag for all who participated 💜

Coming out of a fog

The winter months can be hard for me.  It wasn't something I was consciously aware of until a few years ago when it hit me really hard.  But looking back I think it has been a part of me for years.

If you know me at all you know that I don't stop moving and doing things.  I keep my life seriously busy and if things need to happen I will get them done.  Being slowed down by these feelings is not something I take lightly and I find it difficult to cope with at times.

For years I worked on an account with a client I loved who kept me so busy from January to the beginning of April I didn't have time to think.  Pair that with Christmas, the birth of my two beautiful children and their corresponding yearly birthdays and January - April was crazy busy.  I thrived on it and the craziness kept me going. I didn't have time to think during those months about my feelings.  By the time the weather changed my work load lightened drastically and I was able to enjoy it fully.

In October 2015 I chose to walk away from my successful sales job and start a new journey with and for my family.

With that change meant that my winter months were not the same as I had been used too.  I needed to find (and keep) my way out of the fog that had time to settle in during those months. I would feel SAD and down, lethargic and not myself.  

I am someone who craves the sun and warmth.  This year and last year essential oils have been my go too.  I diffuse them during the day and I wear many to help me when I am out and about!  My favourite is to wear diffuser necklaces like this one.


This Winter was better than others.  My family took a great trip to Florida in February to visit my mom the new yearly Snow Bird.  We all relaxed and had a great time. I roller-skated for the first time in probably 20 years and saw Abby fall in love with something I used to do for hours and hours!

Now as the weather is changing, the tulips are starting to come up again I feel the fog lift even more.  

I love my day job, I finally found a great yoga studio that is close enough to my house for me to drop in and return to my yoga practice and I am helping more and more people with essential oils and how to use them in their lives.

My go too oils this winter have been the motivate blend, invigorating blend and passion blend - all are uplifting.

Of course my amazing family are the most important at keeping my energy flowing.

Salt Lake City/ Pleasant Grove, Utah

I arrived yesterday in Salt Lake City. It was the beginning of a 6 day journey away from my family so that I can learn more about health and wellness.  This is a topic that has become extremely important to me especially over the past year and is a focus for me as well as many around me. 

It was a great day! We spent it visiting headquarters and shopping. We finished the afternoon learning about personal development - things we can use in work and personal life. 

One Year - What a journey!

So July marks my one year anniversary since I was introduced to and started using essential oils.  I wanted to share this with my friends and family as my goal throughout sharing this past year is to ensure that others know they have options that can go hand in hand with Western medicine.

As most of you know the last year has been quite a journey for me and my family!  When I look back over the past year things all started to fall into place when Shannon Haines invited me to a class promising me a fun night out with women and mojitos!  I knew at that time that my life was spinning and that I wanted more for my family, I wanted to have more time to spend with my kids and I wanted to have more time to spend with Jack.  I went to this class as I desperately needed a fun night out and I was introduced to these wonderful oils and I felt like a part of me clicked back into place.

When I was in high school I was constantly learning about alternative healing and was very open to everything around me.  I don't remember when things changed but I feel like when I went to University I must have decided that I needed to focus on being successful - at school, at work, as a wife and as a mother and the rest was just not something I had time to think of (little did I realize that learning new things is easier than not!).

When I attended that class I felt that all of these women were just like me with crazy lifestyles, families, partners, jobs etc and I realized that I could have more.  The oils calmed me in ways that I had forgotten how to do myself, they reminded me to breathe when needed and to slow down.  They gave me options for helping my children sleep better (John) and calm themselves (Abby).  I found pain relief for my regular aches and pains that were starting to creep up as I was getting older that didn't involve popping pills. I felt a connection back to a part of me that was missing.

Shortly after that class (within the week) I was driving home from our trailer in Niagara and decided to take the scenic route to pick up Jack in Hamilton.  I NEVER did this, I always took the highway but when I was a child my Mom would always take the scenic route to visit my Grandma on the weekends and I decided I wanted to drive that route again.  On that drive I took the time to look at my surroundings, I thought back on what it was I had 


wanted out of life and what Jack and I have always wanted together.  I knew at that moment that Toronto was no longer the place for us.  I love Toronto but when I went to school there I had never intended to live there permanently.  However when I graduated I was blessed with a great job, amazing friends and Jack and I settled there happily.  But as our children were getting bigger we realized that we couldn't give them what we wanted the most - time with us.  On that drive one year ago I realized that we needed to leave Toronto to get the balance we were craving.  Needless to say when I told Jack what I was thinking he was thrilled!  He really is my soul mate; he is there for me in ways I don't even realize as they are happening.

Since then we sold our house in September, I left my job of 13+ years, started a new job, we moved to Hamilton in January, Jack started a new wonderful job right away around the corner from our new house and a few weeks ago I started a new local job closer to home (yeah no more commuting!!).

By coming to Hamilton we have been able to reconnect with old friends, we have met many new and wonderful people and we are working hard to ensure our friendships with those who live in Toronto continue as we love you all and are friends for life!

If I have met you since I started this journey or I have known you forever please keep in touch and let me know how 


journey in life is going.  I love hearing from each and every one of you!

Rachael Dean